Zunhammer K15500 v 1.0 [SP]

Zunhammer K15500

Zunhammer K15500

So now it’s time!
Following the numerous requests we present to you herewith our Zunhammer K15500 construction barrels available.
steer axle, lockable
-Zapfwellendrehzahl changeable


The K-series is characterized by its compact tank and lightweight construction.

The slurry flowing pressure side through a separate line for Dreiwegehan at the stern of the tanker.

By the suction tank, we quickly filled completely.

The lightweight plastic tank is depressurized, thus not subject to periodic inspection and is optimally shaped.

The special shape in conjunction with the Rührleitung leaves no solid deposits on the tank.


Model: Moritz (Agrartechnik Westfalen)
Texture / Ingame: botch by Oylerhenry
Scripts: Tobi (Agrartechnik Westfalen)

Zunhammer K15500 v 1.0 [SP]
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