Ursus 1604 yellow V 2.0

Ursus 1604 yellow V 2.0

Ursus 1604 yellow V 2.0

Mod has:

That’s what ordinary tractors

Real power

Real combustion


Movable pedals and wajcha FR

Animation of rear hydraulics (wajchy)

Charging indicator

Moving tips

Console and rope on approach

The door opens to the approach


Movable pulleys (The higher the revolutions, the faster they rotate)

The body trembles after firing

New lights

A moving cardan shaft and crosses

Mod oil change (manual ingition required)

Gearbox addon configuration

Fixed bug with cardan shaft

New Dirt


Model: Marcello1942
Texture: Marcello1942/Mati7766
Script: Modelleicher,Sven777b,Ufolec,Lechu,Marcello1942,Fruktor,EKA,Manuel Leithner,Fozzy691,Кирюха,Blacky_BFG,Joxxer,Tali’ZoraH,Saty
Idea / Concept: Marcello 1942 Tali’ZoraH
Testing: Szymon
Other: Thanks to my friend Szymon

Ursus 1604 yellow V 2.0
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