Riverside v 1.0 [MP]






Hello friends after LS LS11, LS13 now my map for LS15, they became the great part redesigned new landscape yard and the street.

There was a lot of the original map built further from the Marhu CompostMaster, Compost -GMK Mod, Mod WoolPaletteCollector and Water v 3.1.5 and still ChoppedStraw_15_0_03 of webalizer.

Folder has to be unpacked.

So now to the only times the Map General:

You have 3 fields at the beginning (24, 29, 30) with a total area of about 5.97 ha.

Fruits: Fruits standard

Animals: cows, sheep, chickens

Unloading stations: transport company, shipping company, windmill, wood stock, biomass cogeneration plant, grain storage, freight station, BGA, garden center Compost

Missions: yes

MP compatible: yes

Built: Wuma

I hope I have all errors on the Map eliminated should still be errors on the Map report to me. In this sense, a lot of fun with the map.


TMT, RC-Devil

Riverside v 1.0 [MP]
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One thought on “Riverside v 1.0 [MP]

  1. Pretty nice map. Only have 45mins on it so far. But its neatly organized and plenty of room to maneuver big vehicles around the farm. Can I suggest something for next version? A straw and grass storage plz? Thx for the build… and good job.

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