Placeable Manure Heap v 1.0 [MP]

Placeable Manure Heap

Placeable Manure Heap

Placeable Manure Heap

This dunghill placeable! You must grab him only in the mod folder. Please note also the necessary further below mentioned Mods!

What reveals the features list of the dunghill / manure storage is built on the UPK. Advanced modders can this camp also easily incorporate into their maps. A single installation version will eventually be coming soon.

He is independent of the level of the dunghill when Kuhstall-> does not run on the standard script

The level is displayed in the help window (F1) when you stand in the dunghill

You can buy several dunghill own, each has its own volume

Refillable with shovels, trailers, loading wagons, Mixer feeders (silage) and directly by bales -> more on this below

Placeable, no installation necessary (but possible)

IMPORTANT: The surface should be relatively flat to be properly place

One nice feature: bales to rot once they are on the dunghill. This will take 10 seconds. Thus, it is possible to use unused bales useful because by the crap you can re-fertilize your fields.

All types of bale: Round bales (also by the Crown Ultima) and square bales

Info / Installation

Price: 6,500 € LS

Ownership cost: 10 € LS

Volume: 75,000 liters

Polys: 1k polygons

Required Mods:

Universal Process Kit



Placeable Manure Heap v 1.0 [MP]
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