Peterbilt Roadtrain v 1.1 [MP]

Peterbilt Roadtrain

Peterbilt Roadtrain

Peterbilt Roadtrain

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I have here the Peterbilt387, the Grain Hopper and the dolly of Písty revised and merged into one file.
Many thanks again to Písty for release.

Tractor with Trailer and Dolly ideal for MICHIGAN CASH CROP ACRES 4X MAP BY STEVIE


Passenger Script
Color choice for the trucks and the wheels
Engine tuning (optimized for the ride with 2 full trailers; a he plays only)
Top speed beyond the United States Speed ??Limits
AHK for Dolly
New Sounds
€ 95000/30


Capacity: 72000 liter
all wheels steer with (to get now also narrow curves)
Fruit Plane slightly raised so that it looks really crowded
Amended Abladeanimation
He invites all the grain fruits of Michigan Map
wheat barley rape maize sunflower oat rye sorghum soybean
€ 35000/50

all vehicles:

tyreTracks exchanged
Optimized driving behavior (why is Patch 1.4.1 is required), modDesc descVersion = “24”
schematic overlay now correctly

tested only in SP without CP, no log errors



Peterbilt Roadtrain v 1.1 [MP]
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