Master Hack 5000 v 1.0 [MP]

Master Hack 5000 v 1.0

Master Hack 5000 v 1.0

Master Hack 5000 v 1.0

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Please Read through the description completely to Miss Verständnise avoid in vorherein !!!

Questions that will be answered in the description already complete are ignored !!

For my Mod addition of UPK Mod version 0:10:12 is needed!

Attention older UPK mods might not be compatible with this version!

Here I offer my Master Hack 5000 before

This is a placeable Wholesalers shredder!


In the small pan only strains can be chopped with an overall length of less than 3.10m!

In the Great tub only logs can be processed with a length between 3 and 6.40m length!

Before you can chaff, the chopper must be turned -> At the Little Green symbol which rotates yourself!

If you can not place the shredder you have probably the UPK not installed 0:10:12 Mod or the Wrong Version

The UPK Mod in the correct version can be found here ->

Universal Process Kit

Easy to Download Zip Click !!!!

Can the Mod be permanently installed in a Map? Yes, he can!

Known Bugs:

If the Mod is Placed the first time

-> Run the animations

-> Run the particle effects


If you throw the first time wood into everything goes


Modell: t0xic0m
Textur: t0xic0m
Script: mor2000
Idee / Konzept: t0xic0m
Tester: t0xic0m
Sonstige: Schilder,Zaun -> Nick98.1 || Planken -> || Leiter -> PowerPeter008

Master Hack 5000 v 1.0 [MP]
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