Kotte Universal v 1.52 [MP]

Kotte Universal

Kotte Universal

Kotte Universal

Kotte Universal Pack + Trailer Semi Trailer + Trailer (short)

You know the barrel probably already out of the manure storage Modpack, this was here again completely revised the model and function. In the quality as you are accustomed from me after LS15 standard. I was sorry to have standing in the yard “50000” barrels, because I simply hand built me once a ALLinONE barrel.


– Milk scripts installed with Overload Tube (Thanks to Marhu for release)
– Can be loaded with milk, water and manure (yes everything in a barrel, who does not like just buy two of them in different colors)
– Compatible with the manure storage by tipping function
– Tranportieren of manure for sale Trigger
– Handling improved over the old wine cask.
– Animated Analog level indicator on front and back.
– Number plate
– Coupling rear
– Color selection possible
Built other wheels –
– All three trailers can upload FillTypen following: water, milk, fertilizer, fuel, liquidManure
– Display of warning signs and information boards installed at the appropriate fillType on the trailer.
(The scenario is if you have loaded on the trailer are diesel, rear information boards displayed depending on fillType another)


Marhu (Milchscript)
Farmer_Andy aka Andy1978

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