Hurlimann XM 130 T4i Frontloader v [SP]

Hurlimann XM 130 T4i Frontloader

Hurlimann XM 130 T4i Frontloader

Hurlimann XM 130 T4i Frontloader

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The Pirates are already offering this everywhere before I even had a chance to upload it here! I hope people at least find this usefull, as it improves the basic Hürlimann XM

What was done?
Performance + visually back to 130 HP
Folder and files tidied up
toggleAnimatedParts.lua by Sven777b added:
– FrontPTO can be Added/Removed
– Frontloader can be Added/Removed
– Fenders can be Added/Removed
indoorCamera position changed (now as in the Nitro 120)

What was done?
driving improvements, the settings originating in banbi/Assassine version were completely corrected
some small texture improvements

Known issues:

with the frontloader added the mirrors do not work at times (unfortunately a game issue)

What will be done on future versions:

small texture corrections
Adding/Removing of chains for wheels
movable doors/windows (no priority!)
HardPoint version

What I will not do:

colour choice


Basic model: GIANTS
Frontloader addition: banbi, Assassine (XM 110 T4i)
Edit/reworked/further addtions: wildberry

Hurlimann XM 130 T4i Frontloader v [SP]
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