Grassland set v 1.0 Beta [MP]

Grassland set v 1.0 Beta

Grassland set v 1.0 Beta

Grassland set v 1.0 Beta

First, I wish you all a nice, quiet and peaceful Christmas.

As a small Gechenk I have a little BETA-pack for you.


I wanted you the Pack necessarily “give” on Weinachtstag.

Dei time is mostly the “problem”. That means I unfortunately did not have time to grab the pack in a ZIP, which means you have for the time being “unfortunately” 6 einzelmods folder. (That’s not really my style, but as I said … the time …)

Dei devices also pollute not … for now.

But you funkionieren all properly, the LS15-standards like the new fillplane, lights are installed ect.

Grassland Pack:

Everything about the grassland processing …

Unfortunately I had a tool for the time being take out of the pack, as there are still some difficulties with it.

Please unpack mod!

Of course, it will be a V1.0 since all missing components will be there!

Have fun


Giants-Software, convertToFS

Grassland set v 1.0 Beta [MP]
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