Fendt 930 Vario TMS v 1.0 [MP]

Fendt 930 Vario TMS

Fendt 930 Vario TMS

Fendt 930 Vario TMS

Fendt 930 Vario TMS:

This powerful large tractors
fulfills higher demands.


Type: Vario (continuously variable transmission)

Cruise control:

Activate by pressing button 3
1 = slower cruise control, 2 = Cruise control faster
Maximum speed: 60 km / h

The tractors have also:

Gloss effects
Reflection effects
Mirror effects

133 650

Features :

animated PTO
animated drawbar , working cylinder
and top link
more functions with IC
IC Switch with spacebar
Front work light with key : NUM 5
rear work light with key : NUM 6
expandable Radgewichte with key: 6
Reversing light
real mirror
suspension seat
Internal Speedometer
internal light indicator , turn signal indicator , control display

Recommended weights for use :

The 700 Kg weight for lightweight devices such as a truck with 2 axles .
The average 1000 Kg Frontgewicht enough for tippers with 2 – 3 axes . The 1600 kg weight , for example, Suitable for Jenz wood chippers and for large Saddelplows .


blackfox Modelmodder, RivalBomb edit LS 15, Golim edit Prototype LS 15

Fendt 930 Vario TMS v 1.0 [MP]
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