Dodge Ram 2500 Repair & Service v 1.0 [MP]

Dodge Ram 2500 Repair & Service

Dodge Ram 2500 Repair & Service

Dodge Ram 2500 Repair & Service

I present you here my Dodge Ram 2500 conversion available.

To be precise Andy his Dodge tag which he built from the Giants Pickup.

To be more specific ArpyClarkson be Servicecar conversion he made from Andys, Giants tag.

So in detail my reconstruction of ArpyClarksons reconstruction of Andy’s conversion from the original pickup.

But now times on the details:

Technical gimmick:

Seed trigger
fertilizer trigger
Repair Car script (this is the Damage / Repairmod required)
Passenger Script
front Attacher

Optical gimmick:

free choice of color
new chassis with 2 differentials
roof beams as work light front
more krempel in the back
Toolbox in the passenger seat
fuel gauge

In addition, he still has small optical defects (so are not defective bulbs meant the spotlight, which is intentional) which I’ll fix in the next version.

Technical defects may all be out, I am running error free (except for a few raw files)

About a meaningful feedback I would be delighted.

A further processing of the mod is of course desirable – but a short info, I would be very happy

Thanks and regards



€ 65,000

314 hp

changed driving behavior


Giants, Andy, ArpyClarkson, Brewski_icecold, Mahru

Dodge Ram 2500 Repair & Service v 1.0 [MP]
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