Gregoire G8.260 v 0.95

Gregoire G8.260 v0.95

Gregoire G8.260 v0.95

Gregoire G8.260 v0.95

After months of work here you have my first mod, a Gregoire g8.260, a grape harvester (at the moment, in future versions it will be able to harvest olives to)
Some of the features of this mods are:
Enter animation
– Interactive Control (IC)
– Additional store category
– The height of the machine can be adjusted (keys “J” and “N” for left side and “K” and “M” for right side)
– Additional weight
– Steering animation
– Atachable header with supports that can be removed out of the machine with key “O”
– Bins can be unloaded independently
– Regulable shakers speed
– Hud wich shows bins fill level and shakers speed
– Joystick animation
– Turned on and work animations and particle systems
– Lights script
– And more surprises, I cant’t remember al of them



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