Character Customisation Features in Farming Simulator 2019

character customisation in fs 19

Farming Simulator 19 is one of the newest additions to the gameplay that has been driving people crazy with its amazing modes and gameplay features. Ever since its creation, this game has been accepted by the players far and wide. A farming simulation game where the players can play different characters and grow crops and so much more is certainly a very popular feat all over the world. This is probably one of the reasons why the game is so popular amongst the people.

The Farming Simulator 19 is the latest version that is being released and with that, there are some changes that are being made in the game as well. The creator of the game Giants Software has been releasing several blogs informing people about the different details that are being added to the game. These details are certainly very important for the players as it will help them in deciding how to play the game properly.

Well, the latest development that we have seen in the game is the character customization that is happening in the newest version. Yes, you heard it right, people. The Farming 2019 mods have started to focus more and more on what the character wears in the game. According to the development blog, there will be some character customization options which will be available to the people and they will be more enhanced as well. While this is not necessarily that important as the other new adjustments that have been made, still it is quite an interesting feat that has got us hooked up because after all, it is a new and much more improved feature that the game has added for their players.

Customizing Your Character In Farming Simulator 19

character customisation explained

This blog will detail everything that has been added to the feature of character customization that the game has got. If you are a fan of the entire game series then you will remember correctly that there was a particular female character that was playable and was introduced in Farming Simulator 17.

Well, the players that chose this character had the ability to change their shirt colors as well. This new version of the game will take this particular feature and turn it into something that is much better and bigger. The players will now have 8 characters to choose from out of which 4 will be male and 4 will be female.

These characters will also have different options for hairstyles, hair colors, skin colors, clothing and so much more. What we love here is that they will also be able to wear certain hats that specify the brands as well. The players’ characters will be able to easily sport these hats as it will show their particular dedication that they have for any particular brand and their equipment line.

Apart from that, there are trendy sunglasses that the characters can easily have. This certainly adds a style quotient to the game. If the players want then they can also make their character wear jackets too. However, this feature of jackets can be used by the players that are male. This is certainly an odd thing that the creator for the game has done.

After all, the characters that are male and female in the game don’t really look that different. So, why is there a clothing choice for one type of character that the other type of character cannot use? We still don’t have the answer to that but there are some speculations that are being made. We guess that we will get to know after the release of the game.

The creator of the game even gave us some screenshots in their development blog to provide the players with an idea of the game. The players can clearly see the different character options that they will be given in the game.

Now, most people might think that the way a character looks hardly matters in a game for farming simulation. Another reason behind the doubt is that the tractor and the cabs always break the character view. But the game that is newly being released will have many opportunities where the characters will be fully displayed on the screen. Hence the importance of the new character customization feature has been explained.

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