Watson Roller Pack v 2.0

Watson Roller Pack

Watson Roller Pack

Watson Roller Pack

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Added two new machines: Roller 42 Roller ii Aerator
Fixed bugs in previous machines

I present to you a pack of shafts by WATSON


-Full lighting
-New tires


Roller 36
Price: $ 25,000
Maintenance: $ 25
Width: 3.6m
Shaft fertilize the soil

Roller DUO
Price: $ 62500
Maintenance: $ 60
Width: 3.5m
Shaft fertilize the soil
Latch on the front fold on the approach, the “V”
Hook the back of the approach, the “X” (second shaft hook-up in the folded position and the shaft breaks duo)

Roller 42
Price: $ 48250
Maintenance: $ 40
Width: 3.8 m
Shaft fertilize the soil

Roller Areator
Price: $ 84350
Maintenance: $ 84
Width: 3m
Shaft fertilizes, soil cultivator



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