Vaderstad Carrier 500 v 1.0 [MP]

Vaderstad Carrier 500 v 1.0

Vaderstad Carrier 500 v 1.0

Vaderstad Carrier 500 v 1.0

Carrier is a very powerful disc implement fitted with 45 cm discs made from Swedish specialist hardened steel. The weight on each disc means that the working depth is maintained even in difficult conditions. The conical shape of the discs maintains the same working angle irrespective of wear and working depth, and creates fine soil for false seedbeds. All discs are individually mounted, which gives greater precision and throughflow.

This mod is a remodeled version of the original Carrier 820 made by GIANTS. It has all the same features as the original including:

-Road and work positions with folding animation
-Lowering animation
-Particle Systems and Particle Animations
-Original normal and specular maps
-All components washable
-Working road lights
-Working width: 5m
-Daily running cost: £15
-Purchase cost: £31,000
-Require power: 160HP


Original model, textures and script created by GIANTS.

Remodeled and re scripted by Nevill_37 (BasildonBluesModding)

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