Ursus 914 LSF v 1.0

Ursus 914 LSF

Ursus 914 LSF

Ursus 914 LSF

The tractor has such features as:

– Opening Left-Right door KP7-KP9
– Opening rear window KP 9
– Opening side windows KP 4.6
– Sliding Sunroof KP 5
– Opens KP 0
– Expected to Approach weights Key: R
– Mod hand to Lech & Area
– Animated cardan shaft
– Mobile Clutch
– Mobile Brakes
– Moving the gas pedal
– Animated Wajche front / rear
– Animated gears x4


Author Model: Marcello1942
Edit: Lubelski Symualtor Farms (LSF)
IN FS15: Roller90, Dj Woxix

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