John Deere 6930 v 3.3 [MP]

John Deere 6930 v 3.3

John Deere 6930 v 3.3

John Deere 6930 v 3.3


Open door window

dual wheel

front loader

dirt map



Vin Modding

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2 thoughts on “John Deere 6930 v 3.3 [MP]

  1. When we downald this mod, we obtain a zip name: “JohnDeere6930-1″ !!! It is a big error to put the sign..”-” in the name of a zip, because the mod will never appear in the game….fs15_johndeere6930 is only the correct title for this downlad !!! So, everyody who will downald this mod, must made this correction; Rename : “fs15_johndeere6930” please to see the mod in your game…OK !

    1. Yes, “fs15_johndeere6930-1” zip name is a big mistake; “fs15_johndeere6930” is only correct for this zip name !
      Everybody know that the sign: “-” is forbiden to title a zip mod, a zip name accept only the sign : “_” !

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