Terre dAuvergne 15 v 1.0

Terre dAuvergne 15

Terre dAuvergne 15

Terre dAuvergne 15

Terre dAuvergne 15

Terre dAuvergne 15

map made in part via google map (Cantal region Cere valley 15) .you Trouveres thereon conventional farming functions in addition due compost / sawmill / pig breeding and calves / transformation Palee manure / sunflower oats / selling milk and straw.

for more realism all fields peuve apartenires you, only the number is accessible chanps sound!

Specific the material or size fit doi be used, where to you find in some cases a sometimes longer access.

a big THANK YOU to my trainer camu 75 giants editor and FLOdu15, Titi88, nold04,0cool54, for their participation in and tested multiplayer opinion and case modders all that my license achieving this card to them: building / function / decoration …) THANKS to all

this and my first realization (V1) with a default or correction certainly bring! so I opened a sui toutte critical as good as good, finally improved or Rende nicer this card.

thank you and good game at all;)


Modèle: v1 map
Script: camu75
Idée / Concept: olive15
Test: camu75 flodu15 titi88 nold04 0coll54
Autres: merci a tous les créateur de mod/textures/fonction present sur cette map.

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