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T908 LOGGER v 1.0




T908 KENWORTH NEW ZEALAND styled logging truck with matching trailer which will be released when have time any feedback would be most welcome enjoy!!



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  1. James

    Nice truck mate, when is the trailer being released , already loaded truck with 7.4m come on

  2. anonimo

    pq n concigo baixa nenhum mod desse site?

  3. phil

    The download link does not allow to be put in the game it has no file

    • Cuberaider1

      thats because u need 7 zip or winrar to open the rar file then just take the file inside and drag it into folder its that easy 🙂

  4. Anonymous


  5. Tye

    I can not get this mod to work.



  7. James

    All you have to do is extract from .rar file then zip and name it “”

  8. ripkor

    Description says mod will be released when have time. If it’s not released why put it out there?

  9. quinn

    how do you put the bulster down

  10. Mohammad

    Can you release trailer now please been waiting for something like this ever since ls2015 came out

  11. Anonymous

    it will not let me extract it cause it is not a file and just compressing it and then renaming it will not work please help

  12. e10ne

    it won’t work. i tried renaming and extracting but it simply just doesn’t work. how do i fix this?

    • Anonymous

      What I did was if you use WinRar put the WinRar folder into a new folder. Then rename the new folder the the name on the WinRar file. Then in the folder right click the Winrar folder and click ‘extract here’. then take the Win Rar file out and put it in mods folder that should work if done right! Good luck

    • Anonymous

      all you have to do is convert the file from rar to zip and put it into your mod folder

  13. John denton

    the file is empty ps if you are going put mods up make sure they work because it is disappointing when they do not

  14. matthieu

    dosent work

  15. Anonymous

    Worked for me 🙂

  16. john

    turn this file into a zip file

  17. andrea reginato besse

    wow a very very easy

  18. Anonymous

    il est trop bien

  19. Cuberaider1

    guys i figured it out so first u need one of the two things i list u need winrar or 7zip first make a new zip file and then extract all the files into that zip and then do the usual install of mods its that easy…..

    by the way if u dont need those programs to unzip the file then good for you 🙂

    at least you found a way

  20. cedric

    c est de la merdre sa sert pas beaucoup

  21. not happy

    So where’s the trailer

  22. Anonymous

    i agree where is the trailer, its been months now

  23. angus

    can you make a mac one

  24. ted

    it is fatastique

  25. redneck

    wheres the trailer

  26. nobody

    I cant get the mod to work. I open it with Rar Opener and it turns into a folder, which then when i buy it in game, it is all white

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