Steyr 4115 Multi Hardpoint v 1.0 [MP]

Steyr 4115 Multi Hardpoint

Steyr 4115 Multi Hardpoint

Steyr 4115 Multi Hardpoint

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Since I am now become a fan of Hard Point Extension, I’ve made the Steyr 4115 Multi Hardpoint ready.

Unfortunately, there are still too few mods that work with hardpoint, therefore I decided to Steyr to share with you. As it determined a few Hardpoint fans are.

Hardpoint Extension

Hardpoint Extensions mandatory.

Changes to standard:

Motortunning small, now has 135 hp
RUL he scored a
Color choice
Forestry bracket can be mounted, is mounted in the vehicle color
Forst wheels with chains


Wheels: CebuljCek Pflegebereifung
Scripts: Blacky_BPG approval

Hud Admission: FarmerBeavis

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