Slurry Agitator Pack

Slurry Agitator Pack

Slurry Agitator Pack

Slurry Agitator Pack

This mod is modeled on the Major Ag 7500 Slurry Agitator, the pack contains the original Major agitator as well as Abbey, Conor, NC and Redrock decal versions.

The mod has no effect on slurry within the game, it is purely for aesthetic purposes. It does however have working mouse controlled animations and a working slurry particle system which can be directed using the animations.


Raise/Lower agitator – Left Mouse Button + Y Axis
Rotate Pipe – Left Mouse Button + X Axis
Direction Flap – Right Mouse Button + X Axis


-Mouse controlled animations
-Slurry particle system
-Daily running cost: £4
-Purchase cost: £1,995

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