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People Holm v 1.2 [MP]

People Holm

People Holm

People Holm

People Holm

People Holm

Original link []

People Holm V1

H ere I offer my map people Holm.

As the name suggests, is a converted Bjorn Holm Map.

What was done:

The cows are now at the court.

The sheep are now grazing in sight of the farm on.

The farm was changed slightly.

PDA was adjusted.

That’s it.

The log is clean!

I wish you lots of fun.

Would appreciate your comments.

Your Bifce



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  1. marcos de france

    bravo!!! c’est une très belle map!!! les animaux sont tous aux meme endroit! c’est mieux!!! félicitation!!!!

  2. super


  3. RaF

    Hi. I have problem. Map still loading. New save and still Loading game, please waiting….. and error in log: Error: “Not all prerequisites of specialization cultivator are fulfilled”. Help ;]

  4. astasyk

    а пачиму робочий нехоче культивирувать поля

  5. KAL

    Great! Good job!

  6. germain

    mince moi j’ai pas de lien snifff

    • alexis

      salut le lien de tout les mods de fs 2015 c si je me suis tromper tu me préviendra

  7. sauro

    bella mappa

  8. germain

    c’est bon j’ai réussi yesss

  9. melvin

    bravo au modeur tres tres belle maps

  10. raffaele


  11. Justas

    Hax! just need English title for everyfing :/

  12. rofl

    Thanks, really like this. Works on both english and russian if the above suggest it doesn’t? it works on both for me here.

    I like having the cows and sheep close together, or at least not too far so this is great thanks!

  13. germain

    Re salut je narive pas pas a la mettre en mods dans le jeu pourquoi ?

    • bat farmer

      Donc germain quand tu as fini de telecharge le mods il va apparaitre dans le dossier telechargement de ton ordinateur puis tu selectionne le mods d’un clic gauche tu le copies
      Ensuite tu va dans document > My games> farming simulator 2015> mods et tu colle le mods ici

  14. jean

    Omg genial

  15. tanner myers

    its a awesome map

  16. BIG d

    Very nice map!!!

  17. d( -.- )b

    Love this version, thank you for the upload.

  18. theo

    salut superbe maps je pourrais savoir ton logiciel pour moder plz

  19. Father

    I’m having problems with hiring helper to cultivate.

  20. BlakJak70

    I love your map! Is there any way possible to get an English translation?

  21. Father

    I got the hiring thing taken care of. Love the Map!

  22. Anonymous

    tres belle map

  23. franchmarc

    Bravo pour la modification, bon boulot.

  24. Letro

    Love your map , but I constantly have problem with hiring helpers for grubbing. happened on 2 of the 3 starter fields

  25. Letro

    Really great map – if you can solve the problem with the custom texture after harvested wheat preventing hiring of helpers for grubbing I ll give you 2 thumbs up 😀

    • Letro

      I replaced the textures with original ones but helpers still do not work, You know best what you changed so you might have an idea what is causing this.

  26. René Larsen

    There are only one problem. You can´t hire a driver on field 23 I mean (the biggest field from begining next to the farm.

  27. Aj

    Map says still loading!!! Any fix to it

  28. fendt

    super cool wie is de maker

  29. Dragon Princess

    Can you please finish this map? It looks like a lot of fun with all the modification done to the place, but half of it is unfinished and that ruins the map.

  30. v

    elle a lair bien

  31. 1910e


  32. pybel

    je comprend pas je suis pas capable d inserer le mod map dans mon farming simulator

  33. Peter

    How can I load grass and Straw from the Storage at the farm?

  34. polack01

    superbe MAP !!! Ca fait un moment que je l’utilise et c’est la seule qui n’est pas saturé en décor inutile, la ferme en un point est nickel. J’en ai essayé pas mal et c’est la seule avec agronort qui tiennent la route. Encore beau travail et bonne continuation !!!

  35. farmtr15

    I can´t hire a drive for cultivate. Please fix bug

  36. Peanut

    I soooo like this map =D haven’t found any issues yet =) good job

  37. Ken

    love the map but would like to see more animals and is the rot turned off. this is a great Map thanks looking forward to the next version

  38. jean

    superbe map

  39. Jeffrey


    Awsome map i have some trouble translating german tho 😉

    now i run agains the problem that in the hall where there is a sighn (what i thought said Straw) i cant dump it there

    any tips?

  40. theo

    belle carte petit souci pour les mods mes c est tout

  41. fru

    c’es tros bien

  42. renato

    aonde devo ir para vender o leite nesse mapa?

  43. christian

    cool traktor 🙂 🙂 🙂

  44. cooper

    i love this map

  45. lulugaming

    vous vous ete pas compliqué la vie vous avez pris la map bjornolm mais vous avez agrandi les hangar

  46. difi

    ouai tous taver sa

    je ser pas ecrire

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