New Holland T8435 DW v 3.5 [MP]

New Holland T8435 DW

New Holland T8435 DW

New Holland T8435 DW

Added Features:

Partical effect on all wheels.

New strobe light set.

Tire tracks on all wheels.

New Sounds.

Duel wheels have collision.

For those who like first person I changed the windows to be much more clearer.

New duel tires!

The cost is still the same as the default.

Engine horse power is the same as the default.

Changel log V3.5:

New duel tires

Reworked tire collision (due to new tires).

Corrected tire particle system.

Change Log V3.0:

Increased shock stiffness.

Minor adjustments to tire alignment.

Replaced strobe lights with different set.

New sounds.

Change Log V2.5:

Corrected tire collision. Tire collision was off causing the tractor to get suck/spin it’s tires for no reason.

And this should be the final version.

Change Log V2.0:

Fixed issue with tractor being only front wheel drive.

Duel wheels now have collision.



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