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MIG Map Made In Germany Region Celle v 0.90 [SP]

MIG Map MadeInGermany Region Celle

MIG Map MadeInGermany Region Celle

MIG Map MadeInGermany Region Celle

MIG Map MadeInGermany Region Celle

MIG Map MadeInGermany Region Celle

MIG Map MadeInGermany Region Celle

Update: 11/28/2014 23.57Uhr LS15 V0.90 Beta

Table of contents (Please read short!):

1: Preface
2: Story
3: Integrated map Machines
4: Keyboard Layout
5: Specification and Feature List
6: Additional download files, fields list, savegames and Tutorials
7 table of contents more versions
8: Known Bugs
9: Recommended Mods
10: WIP project thread, your feedback and Fehlermelungen
11. Modding
12: Update History

1: Preface

January 2013. Another never-ending story of my hand … After over a year of construction and several hundred hours I’ve sunk into the project, I can 04/2013 abundant with joy the beta version of my MIG Map MadeInGermany Region Celle you today. Surface area is 1600 hectares with over 700 hectares of arable land distributed to 120 fields are available for purchase for just € 30 million ready.

In January 2012, I had begun my home to digitize with appropriate templates from Google Earth. From now on you can test and sometimes give proper feedback, the Map …

Meanwhile, I’ve determined almost every square seen three times 🙂 and I know the reality here I am somewhat dissatisfied, because I get it often not implemented as it is in reality. Sure you will all be so noticeable because your area is not unknown here, so now you have to believe in it, and beta testing, because the project will still be here as my other never finished and there will be a bunch of other versions.
I tried to make the map as performant as possible. Therefore, there is no Collis and no 3D Huge forests.

2: Story

Unfortunately Bauer Hansen passed away …
You have now successfully manage court further object Hansen. At the beginning you get Hansens average fleet, buildings and a few animals. You are about 20 fields (the same who farms the farm in real terms). The aim is to run the business successfully and to acquire all lands and buildings valued at ~ 35 million euros.
Then I wish you lots of fun times on the Map!


3: Integrated Mods

– Manure storage several Vatrianten
– Pigs Cattle fattening
– Chopped Straw prepared
– Liquid manure lime Mod
– Water Mod
– Clover, Lutzerne Scripts

Mods beiligen in the package as a single ZIP:

There is also a .txt else where you get links to the mods for more detailed description.


4: Keyboard Layout

Time Fast Forward acceleration time:

Accelerate in the Egoperspektive time Ctrl + R


5: Specification and Feature List

Construction period LS15 over 50 hours Conversion
Construction period LS11 + 13 500 hours, see (W.I.P)
Real replica via Google Earth
1600 hectares total ~ 700 Hecktar arable land
VRam ~ 321MB
Ram max ~ 960MB
MAP I3D 7.6 MB
MAP Shape 18.8 MB
Zip incl. Mods ~ 200MB

Function list (requires assumes all the mods from the pack in modfolder lie)

– Sold at: Mühle + sawmill, general store, beet factory, butcher, BGA balls, sewage treatment plant, grain Werner
– Dynamic Prices outlets vary between 50 and 150%
– Outdoor – slurry manure interim storage
– Weed Weed mod must specially be destroyed with herbicides and is still growing. You can also fertilize only still growing, a fruit is grown, is no longer possible fertilization.
– Green manure clover and alfalfa, if you umpflügt the field or Grub Bert is fertilized the field. Has grown three times faster than normal types of fruit and the seed is very cheap.
– Multifarmsilo, ideal for multiplayer. With them you have in Farm4 and Farm5 own levels for your fruit varieties, so each player has his own camp.
– Time acceleration possible with Ctrl + R (12.000x)
– Biogas Plant 2 in 1 With three vehicles and two wedge silos as well as a gas station and Bale shredders
– Cattle fattening can be grown and sold at the butcher
– Pigs can be grown and sold at the butcher
– New Global odometer for all vehicles at the bottom left Hud (odometer)
– Compass on all vehicles the upper right of the clock helps with alignment aid
-. Slurry, manure, lime Mod can also be fertilized meadows with varying income
– Gas Station
– Waterworks, where you can buy water

Currently built fruits:

weed weed
green swath

6: Additional download files, fields list, savegames and Tutorials

– A field list with price and acres in Office format (attached)
– A PDA image with assignment of the building (included)
– Changelog v0.90 (included)


7: The plan for the next versions

– “All” textures still be changed, objects and fruits etc.
– Reliable and complete building villages
– More 3D trees, hedges. Details for Panorama
– Remove signage
– Real beekeeping in village 4
– Mist interim storage
– Anything else will give it to good features ..
– Purchasable Objkete
– Forestry Forests
– Traffic and dairy milk truck
– …


8: Known also optical errors V0.90

This is a beta, so there is no “guarantee” for cross-version-functioning savegames. Compatibility problems with other mods are not excluded.

It can even trees are wild in fields, if you find any, please specify the Number field, so I know where this is about.

A little tip for bad errors ingame:

Modfolder empty and only the mods from the pack pure. Then delete the inputBinding.xml and then the shader cache folder, the two of them re-create at game start. Located in the same folder as your modfolder. For this purpose, please start a new game, no savegame.

If you still have problems then available, please log example Upload here and then post the error collection in the WIP area.


9: Recommended Mods and accompanying

The map pack is in the mods folder, create a text file in the mods is described which perform the function from the pack.

Benötig optionally even these mods to run correctly:

Optional Mods:
– Chopped Straw is prepared to make it work you need–2


10: WIP project thread, your feedback and Fehlermelungen

“There is a complete Neverending Story”

In the logbook entry “error collection” you can write something even notice. Please do not discuss in the comment section problem here.


11: Modding:

– One should, if necessary, adjust the fuel consumption of the machines on the map. As a rough template we have missed the Fendt 936 .xml following entry: 0.0018
– If you have performance problems, simply open with Map Editor and delete the Trees2D g

12: Update History:

So the first LS 2015 conversion is completed. It is functionally almost at the level of the last LS13 version. FYI, the whole has about 50 hrs. Lasted incl. New 2D put trees. I am so happy with my intsgesamt the first LS15 version, it will be playable, I would say, now you are allowed to use the map once thoroughly tested in SP and MP. Am looking forward to your feed back;)
This property offers 2 versions V0.90. The SP version and the MP version. There is no difference has been unpacked to the SP. Unfortunately, I have the problem with LS15 which the maps when she ZIP format about 160 seconds loads. Unpack all I ended up with 10 seconds. No idea where that comes from, in LS13 was it more and took only 25 seconds.

LS15 Changelog 11.28.2014 Beta v0.90
– LS15 converted Map
– Installed LS15 Terrain
– LS13 Forestry Building, Fsm mill and mixing stations deleted
– Converted Layer trees
– Layer trees revised on the map
– Converted Layer bushes
– Revised textures fruit
– Reworked textures ground / terrain from LS13
– Adapted crop yields
– Revised Kuhzone
– Chopped straw prepared
– Manure manure-lime Mod prepared
– Weed Weed Herbicide prepared
– Multi-Angle soil texture
– Chopped straw prepared
– Rebuilt mill sawmill
– New beet storage yard-1
– Saatlager Court 1 revised
– Machine Shops yard-1 installed
– Completely new silage silos built, 4 variants
– Added grain Werner point of sale
– Bga remodeled with 3 different variants Silo
– Wassermod cow / sheep / chicken
– Cattle fattening farm-5 converts
– Pig farm-1 converts
– Pig farm 5 converts double
– Corn Exchange Hof-1 revised
– Error fixed mast Particlesystem
– MP tests -not error
– Manure storage Script Convert and fix, feeder fit
– Installed new 4x sky
– Converted odometer
– Revised building textures
– 2D trees distributed on Map
– Detail objects Hof-1 installed
– Clover and alfalfa prepared
– Prepared green swath
– Swath visibility 350 meters


Map Neubau LS11 LS13 LS15
by Bullgore


KretersIsland, Pille, Illuminated, TMT,, Tessmann85, Flymaster, Marc85, ZeFir_POLAND, Eribus, Vertexdezign, EL-Cid, Buschi, ???


Skydancer, Marhu, Upsidedown, JakobT, Decker_MMIV, ???

Falls ich jemanden vergessen habe, bitte melden!

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  1. dogshocker

    Hi, I’m thinking of downloading this mod. I’m aware that I should save game and back up before doing anything major. What I need to know it this:

    This mod requires, as part of the download package, the installation of a load of mods. Things like, Nightgrowth, GPS, multisprayer, odometer, to name but a few. I’d like to know if these extras will become part of my other games, like most mods, or, as they come with the Made in Germany package, if they will only have effect in that map……….any ideas anyone?

    • 04xb12s

      Yes those mods would then be in all of your games, saved and new.

    • Kdub

      Setup a seperate mod folder just for this map.

    • Warondar

      When it comes to mods, it’s always best to only have the 1 map with it’s required/recommended mods only in your mods folder for the reason mentioned by others. It will also ensure you don’t get issues or problems when playing the map.

      Bullgore and his MiG map have been around since FS2011 and it’s always an amazing map with unique extras for each game version, so I’d recommend you get it if you haven’t already. IT’s totally worth it, even if it’s HUGE with so many things to take care of. Most people use Courseplay on this map for that reason. I play it in single player, but I don’t use the whole map. I just slowly build up and expand the farm up to a point that is manageable for just 1 player, and just maintain it at that level.

  2. matija

    ne padi nece mi prikazat

  3. bittou


  4. dudu

    ne marche pas… je la télécharge et la mais ds mygame/mods et rien sur le jeu…


    • d drunk panda

      il faut que tu ouvre le document du mod et ke tu alle chercher les mod un par un. moi sa la marcher de cette facon

  5. Shane wilson

    Way dos it come to my lap top as a RAR file plz help 🙁

    • 04xb12s

      Download 7-zip and extract the rar into a folder. There is multiple compressed folders inside the rar that you then place into your mods folder.

  6. Stewcrew14

    Is there a way to turn on hired help? This map is too big to do on my own…

  7. melvin

    j espere quel est bien 🙂

  8. pascaldunord

    je n arrive pas a demarrer les vehicules, comment faire, merci

  9. pascaldunord

    I don not boot the vehicles, how to do, thank yo

  10. d drunk panda

    there is no forestry and i fell off the map. every time i open up my pad, the “i” button my game crash. it look good but it still need some work to be done to it

    • Warondar

      You won’t get any help with your map issues here since Bullgore didn’t upload his map here, it was re-uploaded here.

      For support you need to use these places:

      I’ve been playing the map and haven’t come across the issues you mentioned so I can’t help you, but I’m sure you’ll get some info at those sites.

    • run_like_a_deere

      ya mine to the game crashes when I do that I tried it a couple of times and it wont do it anymore though, but the thing I don’t likemost is when you pull up the pda you cant tell what fields are which couse the field namesare green, but I love the lay out needs a version 1.2

  11. ludo77

    moi je les telecharger elle fonctionne tres bien mai ma question est ou on prend l’eau pour donné au animaux merci

    • thomas

      normalement un peu partout il y a des petite fontaine d’eau en bois.Le basin et en bois il se voit bien

  12. harry

    i know this sounds silly but how do you take of the handbrake

  13. Anonymous


  14. TomasS

    Thank you very much for GPS mod – that’s all I needed from this pack.

  15. Anonymous

    tres belle carte

  16. Anonymous

    Wheres the seed refil?

  17. Hank

    where are the silos?

  18. blaž

    všeč mi je pokrajna

  19. Matty

    Hi love the map but I can’t access the bga it has a grey barrier across the entrance what can I do ?

  20. jpf

    Bug when hiring a worker in non-square or not rectangular fields, the machine is not going right. For example in the field number 57.

  21. gamer

    Hello guys…
    how i turn the motor in the map???

    • yupi

      Do not put this Map in C:\Users\Documents\my games\FarmingSimulator2015\mods but Setup a seperate mod folder just for this map….under C:\Users\Documents\my games\FarmingSimulator2015\mods create a file mod where you put the dowlad SP-MIG_MadeInGermany_Region_Celle_byBullgore_v0.90_Beta_29.112014 then unzip this pack,.you will obt.. ans it will work good

  22. Damian

    Also ich habe die Map normal entpackt wollte sie starten aber in der leiste wo normalerweise ich glaube: Map wird geladen steht. Ist nichts und nach längeren warten funktionierte es immer noch nicht. kann wer helfen?

  23. lorenzo

    there is god

  24. Cooper

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  25. NitroXpompa

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