Ringwoods v 5.0 [MP]

Ringwoods v 5.0

Ringwoods v 5.0

Ringwoods v 5.0

Ringwoods v 5.0

Ringwoods v 5.0

Hello people here is an update to my Ringwoods Map it is now upto date with some new mods and toys form Marhu, Farmer_Andy, RC_Devil and Eisbearg.

Start a new game due to the changes and fixes applied.

Update details.

The V5 update is the largest that the map has undergone.
Added, pallet production, cargo box production, grain dryer, manure separator, new BGA in a new location, Damage repair stations at the main and south farms, new salad production area, sheep zone relocated to the south farm, new foliage channels, terrain and dirt mod added, new revised fields in the south, field AI over run areas added which prevents AI stopping on certain vehicle mods, texture tweaks and area detail, new water effects, all map pricing revised and generating income is now harder, revised milkmaxv2, beetmaster2k16, potato washer and steaming machines and compost plant, new optimisation to reduce the map size and performance tweaks to improve framerate. There’s more.

Have fun with it.


Original by Giant’s, mod map by Stevie. Mods, models and scripts installed by. Marhu, Farmer_Andy, RC_Devil, Eisbearg, Upsidedown, melfoy, KevinK98, Spieler11 and Stevie.

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