Magirus water tankers Pack v 1.5 [MP]

Magirus water tankers Pack

Magirus water tankers Pack

Magirus water tankers Pack

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I’ve done times of MODALL the water tanker with a trailer and
times rebuilt bissl.


Broadening of tires

Warning panel support
at the rear of both the truck and trailer for overwidth

Increased loading capacity

Changed color in Baby Blue

Full Spec

Installed indicator

For trucks:

Price: € 16,900
Maintenance: € 57 / day
Ladvolumen: 20,000 liters
PS: 200

For trailers:

Price: € 10,700
Maintenance: 60 € / day
Ladvolumen: 11,500 liters
Required PS: 150
Mod has to be unpacked


Urmodder = Modall / Der ganze rest: Micha ( ich ) und MTL Modding Team

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