Magirus Deutz THW v 0.1 Beta [MP]

Magirus Deutz THW

Magirus Deutz THW

Magirus Deutz THW

Hello there,

I have baggage ech something new in. I have changed a bit, the Magirus Deutz.

The mod has many features! The mod has a blue light, and the inscription “THW”. An old Horn will come in the V1.

THIS MOD MAY ALSO BE USED ARE NOT PEOPLE OF FIRE / THW / etc LIKE. YOU CAN DRESCHER unloading on life and many others!
That does what you download / need is a pack and must be unpacked! Both “files” must in the modfolder.


modall , PeterJ , Geri-G , Geri-G , Fire_King_112

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