Lizard PiQup authorities vehicle v 1.0 [SP]

Lizard PiQup authorities vehicle

Lizard PiQup authorities vehicle

Lizard PiQup authorities vehicle

Here is one of our mod, s re-done, it is a security vehicle that can use their particularly as inspector vehicle. He has a 3 camera, where you can look in the sky over the whole province, for example, where your Descher stands or what your helper / player does that. In addition, the sound was recorded unique. Finally, the piece was good detail lovingly. Have fun with the vehicle state. Now it’s in your hands to decide for themselves or not. But a test drive can you already do 😉 this is the first PiQup with a Vollackierung (painted bumpers can be good in the lighter colors seen)


GIANTS by Corsa D Fahrer

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