Liebherr LTR1060 LTF1060 v 1.0 [SP]

Liebherr Liebherr LTR1060 LTF1060

Liebherr Liebherr LTR1060 LTF1060

Liebherr Liebherr LTR1060 LTF1060

Original from Modhub MAN (I think it’s originally from Construction Simulator)

Lierbherr LTF1060 changes:

Changed cabin from MAN to Scania P420 and added several details
added exhaust and added worklights to truck cabin
added several details to crane (mirrors, exhaust, crane driver, steel wires, texture on winch)
modified cylinder (changed maximum crane boom angle from 50 degrees to 75 degrees)
added worklights to crane boom
added crane cabin camera and crane hook-camera
Changed skin from Mammoet to (neutral) Liebherr standard

Liebherr LTR1060:

mounted crane from LTF1060 ion chassis from Lierbherr HS875


Giants, Repi, Pummelboer

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