Clark Forklift Fork v 3.0a

Clark Forklift Fork

Clark Forklift Fork

Clark Forklift Fork

Clark Forklift Fork

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Speed 47 km / h. Lighting fixtures, doors open, working front and rear wiper, footprints on the road, the dust from the wheels, washable. Forks included.

Unzip the archive.


softfox, Daniel007, Bluebaby210

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13 thoughts on “Clark Forklift Fork v 3.0a

  1. to get this to work after unzipping do I put all the files in the mods file
    Or is there a file that has to go elsewhere if there is, what is it called and where does it go?

  2. dieses zu erhalten, um nach dem Entpacken stelle ich alle Dateien in den mods Datei arbeiten
    Oder gibt es eine Datei, die woanders hingehen, wenn es hat, was es heißt und wo geht es hin?

    Sorry google translator!

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