Claas Quadrant 2200 and Nadal R v 1.0 [MP]

Claas Quadrant 2200 and Nadal R

Claas Quadrant 2200 and Nadal R

Claas Quadrant 2200 and Nadal R

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Rakes deployed Width: 10,5 meters
Rakes folded height: 5,2 meters
Recommended power: 190 cv
Price: 116.000 €
Daily maintenance: 80 €
Rakes adapts to the ground


Our flagship product is the swath R90 has been specially designed to work in conjunction with the baler. With a working width of 10,5 meters and a good leveling provided by its four wheels with adjustable damping in height, providing excellent performance in the collection plus a significant time savings. The launch of the baler is placed vertically adjustable by a hydraulic cylinder, which facilitates besides leveling rake transport difficult access, like the roller placed with the phonograph, which makes the straw into the machine with greater ease.


Baler: Thomas79
Rake: JavierZzS

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4 thoughts on “Claas Quadrant 2200 and Nadal R v 1.0 [MP]

      1. use left mouse button, hold down and slide fwd/back/left/right.
        needs a couple of seconds to get started I have found, keep sliding with lmb down
        direction moves one side up or down

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