Bennette 3 points Agram v 2.0 [MP]

Bennette 3 points Agram

Bennette 3 points Agram

Bennette 3 points Agram

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Pack 3 Bennette Agram.


This is version 2 of the agram bennette with:
-Textures AO.
-3d Revisit.
-Mode Utility (Fuel, Seed, Fertilizer)
-New washable
-3 Model: Red, Silver Edition, Yellow Edition.
-Takes Now 3000 liters
-FillVolume Adjust (the grain now goes to the top)
-Multifruit: Grass_windrow wheat chaff
rape maize barley potato sugarbeet manure
fertilizer seeds silage drilling forage_mixing kalk
woodchips kompost oat rye sunflower seeds2


FRABEL Ls Modding

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