ZAZ 968M v 1.02

ZAZ 968M

ZAZ 968M

ZAZ 968M

Here’s a revised “ZAZ 968m” of us, I imagine you are available.


Lights, brake lights
Tire tracks and tire dust
Washable (dirty)
Used Look (rust, etc.)
Roof rack with two rusty oil or fuel casks
Maximum speed 92km / h

The Zaporozhets was a series of small cars designed and built in 1958 at the ZAZ factory in Soviet Ukraine until 1994. It was in ex-Soviet states popular for being an economical vehicle that it could a worker afford simillar Volkswagen Beetle. The train cars ZAZ -968 include a rear-mounted engine and compact design The ZAZ -. 968 was a later variant of the 968 series, which along with several variants for men included the removal of the rear outer air intakes with disabilities.

This vehicle is in the entire series, and they are almost everywhere in the area, found probably leave behind the former inhabitants of Chernobyl Oddly enough, there are some hiding spots within ZAZ -. Contained 968Ms, but in its rear, it would be strange, as the car -Motor is in the back and would be a little unusual place to hide its products, as it would save some little space.


Modell: Wile_E. Coyote, max Dmitriev
Ingame: =F@RMeER=

ZAZ 968M v 1.02
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