Ursus C-330 Zielek v 1.0

Ursus C-330 Zielek

Ursus C-330 Zielek

Ursus C-330 Zielek


– Opened the door and mask approach
– Removable mask approach
– Removable turns on approach
– Removable beam on approach
– Adjust lower hook approach
– Opened glass and roof,
– A working wiper,
– Silenced cabin,
– Mod hand,
– The effect of the rain on the windows,
– The moving levers and pedals,
– Movable flaps,
– Movable front axle,
– Full animation steering,
– Illuminated clocks,
– Movable tip tachometer,
– Dynamic camera
– Animation input
– Hand brake,
– Flam during operation,
– Movable doors,
– Dynamic exhaust system.


Autorzy: Marcello1942, Rockstar94
Edit: FendtDeere

Ursus C-330 Zielek v 1.0
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