URAL 4320-1921-60M v 1.1 [MP]

URAL 4320-1921 60M

URAL 4320-1921 60M

URAL 4320-1921 60M

Update fashion tractor based truck URAL 4320-1921-60M.

What the new version:

(((!))) Fixed bug with semitrailers (((!)));

Replaced some texture;

Replaced some of the details;

Removed unnecessary elements;

Slightly revised suspension;

To optimize fashion removed script passenger;

Externally brought to the state of the new truck.

Maud will be updated and further right now we are working on the improvement and optimization of textures.

This mod:

Engine: 230 hp

Maximum speed: 81 km / h

Suspension Animation, the animation of the driver, the engine animation, 3 points attacherov, permanent four-wheel drive 6×6, new textures of interior and chassis, dirty / clean.

To exclude new use cases associated with technology for the card packs “gifts of the Caucasus”

NO This mod is not connected with them, 3d model was constructed by the author Sanjka86.


Model: Sanjka86
Texture: Sanjka86, Johnny Jounieh
Script: Johnny Jounieh
Idea / Concept: Sanjka86, Johnny Jounieh
Testing: Johnny Jounieh

URAL 4320-1921-60M v 1.1 [MP]
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