TT Logger 4 LT 65 v 1.1

TT Logger 4 LT 65

TT Logger 4 LT 65

TT Logger 4 LT 65

Mod TT Logger 4 LT 65 tested on the game Farming Simulator 2015. Crawler tractor with a maximum speed of 40 km/h, while moving exhibits dust and leaves traces. He animated the dashboard, as well as have lighting equipment and other animations. Management of loading equipment is performed with the mouse. This caterpillar logger LT-65 tractor TT-4 designated for loading long and medium logs.

In this version 1.1: added the dirt, increased weight of the tractor, and in the end he became more stable.

Control on the tractor:
Key of F includes lighting.



TT Logger 4 LT 65 v 1.1
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2 thoughts on “TT Logger 4 LT 65 v 1.1

  1. The previous version TT 4 v 1.0 was simpler controls; “j, n, ‘,’, and k” .. This TT Logger 4 LT 65 v 1.1 is heavier therefore more stable but are hydraulic arms are useless horizonto-vertical rotation of 180 ° and clamp-claw is difficult master with the new mouse commands creates very difficulty to use! This mod is not optimized. It is a pity! I take the previous version TT 4 v 1.0, for maneuvering slowly, I earn time with its simple control compared to what TT Logger 4 LT 65 badly designed!

  2. Предыдущая версия ТТ 4 v 1.0 было проще управления; “J, N, ‘,’, и к” .. Это ТТ Logger 4 LT 65 v 1.1 тяжелые поэтому более стабильной, но гидравлические руки бесполезны horizonto вертикального вращения 180 ° и зажим коготь трудно мастер с новой команды мыши создает очень трудность в использовании! Этот мод не оптимизирован. Жаль! Я беру с предыдущей версией TT 4 V 1.0, для маневрирования медленно, я зарабатываю время с простым управлением, что по сравнению с ТТ Logger 4 LT 65 плохо спланированы!

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