Ural 375 in Vita-Cola Design v 1.0 [MP]

Ural 375 in Vita-Cola Design

Ural 375 in Vita-Cola Design

Ural 375 in Vita-Cola Design

Standard Ural of ALEXANDER (BAUER) in Vita-Cola Design and Truck Trail engine with suitable gearbox. The efficiency of these trucks is so high that he can climb slopes of more than 50 °. Adapter to attach of hangers was removed (Spaßmod)

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The sports equipment: Ural 375 D, Trial specification, production-class S4.

The vehicle was in his previous life a radar box body. The former site of use is unknown. It comes from the Border Museum for German History Mödlareuth near Schleiz. There was 10 years when the weather outdoors and could be driven by axis home without difficulties anyway. As already demonstrated the constancy and reliability of Russian art which should be proved in the following sports inserts.

A few technical details:

– Manufacturer Ural Works in ehm. SU

– Built in 1971

– Axle formula 6×6

– Track width times wheelbase 2000×4900

– Displacement 7000 cc

– Power 175-180 hp petrol

– Weight 8.4 t


Modell: Ural 375 D
Textur: Vita-Cola Design
Idee / Konzept:ALEXANDER (BAUER)
Tester: Kraftpaket 43

Ural 375 in Vita-Cola Design v 1.0 [MP]
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