Gilibert Herax Beacon v 2.0 [MP]

Gilibert Herax Beacon

Gilibert Herax Beacon

Gilibert Herax Beacon

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Today I release the V2 of the Gilibert Herax 20. A large but well- controlled manure spreader. The two axels ensure that the trailer is stable on the ground.

The model is complete washable. I’ve rebuilded the model from 2011. The V2 had a Flasher in stead of a Beacon, this version has a beacon. There will come an other version with a Flasher soon.


I’ve reworked all the texture files, made new tires for it and fixed some bugs and little failers. I’ve also put some extra functions on it.

I hope you enjoy this mod!

Technical data:

Capacity: 15,900

Working width: 10 M

Price tag : 32,400

Ingame functions:

Washable (dirt)



multiplayer Ready


Model: Giants /Beunheas

Texture: Giants / Beunheas

Ingame : Twan / Jantjetennis / FA285634

Testers : FA285634 / Bart (NLD-Farmers)

Gilibert Herax Beacon v 2.0 [MP]
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