Case CVX 300 Optum Black v 1.5 [MP]

Case CVX 300 Optum Black

Case CVX 300 Optum Black

Case CVX 300 Optum Black

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Case CVX 300 Optum Black

This new building is the “parting gift” to the LS15. With the LS17, it then goes to a completely new model and new ideas.
The model was rebuilt to 90% – for the interior and Chassis various parts were used from my 240 Puma.

The features were purifies something:

In pack: Optum 300cvx Black, Agribumper Black, Twin Wheels

IC for door, roller blinds, skylights, rear window, steering column, armrest

and front linkage flaps, fenders to / Remove, open warning signs, hood, wheel, height adjustment Zugmaul

Registration script is still installed.

For the MP and the passenger script found in the Trekker.

Changes Version 1.5

– Wheels front / rear new

– Front new

– Reworked textures

– Interior revised (seat, textures far as possible free of pixels)

– Motor data adjusted (300/313 hp)

For more realistic consumption figures beyond FuelAdjust is recommended

Kraftstoff anpassung FuelAdjust


Model / Texture: Timber131

Sounds: Ludmilla

Thru axle: En ÈebuljÈek

Tire texture Giants, edit by mailman

Ingaming: Timber131, Trabby76

Description, texts: FarmerBeavis

Idea this version: Nubsi LS

Case CVX 300 Optum Black v 1.5 [MP]
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