Sulky Maxidrill TR v 1.0 [MP]

Sulky Maxidrill TR

Sulky Maxidrill TR

Sulky Maxidrill TR

Here I imagine you my “Sulky MaxiDrill TR” available.

Model runs entirely on standard script, with the usual functions.

The model was re-extracted from the game, and clean remodeled and Umgeskinnt.

Mod is LOG FREE!

Power requirement: from 160 hp

Standard Fruit

Working width: 6 m

Washable (Dirty)


Track Reiser


My thanks go also to “speedy77” for the skin!

The patch 1.3 Final must be installed!


For all those who wants thoughtless bleating should, I am aware that the model with such a skin already exists.

Umgeskinnt with errors in the log and krottenschlecht.

Therefore, you should prefer to think twice what you write you, and the mods times previously to compare.

There are completely different and Modded Geskinnte models.

I wills have only said once.

Many thanks!


Modell: Giants, Ingame: Red Fox, Reskinn: speedy77

Sulky Maxidrill TR v 1.0 [MP]
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