Rostselmash Vector 420 v 1.0 [MP]

Rostselmash Vector 420

Rostselmash Vector 420

Rostselmash Vector 420

I invite the Rostselmash Vector 420 high. Included in Mod is also a cutter when cutting unit carriage can take the standard.


The model comes from RedFox Modding Team

(Permission to upload the mod with einnem new skin, I have of course.)

Information on the Vector 420:

Power: 220 hp

Corn Tank Size: 6000 liters

Speed: 25 km / h

Cutting width: 6 meters

Incorporated are the standard scripts, ie you can only reap the Standart fruits!



Rotating beacon,

Digital Amaturen,


Animated drivers

Planned for version 1.1:

The safety / warning label on the Drescher renew (sharper …)

Adjust the color of the pulley

Adjust power (he’s currently a bit too little power)

Total exacerbate texture yet


Modell: MadDogs/RedFox Modding Crew
Textur: RedFox Modding Crew & überarbeitet von LF-Modding

weitere nicht bekannt. Bitte zur ergänzung einfach melden!

Rostselmash Vector 420 v 1.0 [MP]
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