Progress ZT 303 305 Pack v 1.1 Beta [SP]

Progress ZT 303 305 Pack

Progress ZT 303 305 Pack

Progress ZT 303 305 Pack

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I want to make my version of Progress ZT 303/205 available to you here.
The origin vehicle dates from LS08 / 09
the former. LS meeting Team feat. Jesse James Balu69 NVP and bomblets.

In the course of the land drawn up today years although little things was by many Umbauern changed and things have been renewed bzw.ersetzt etc. But also included is a lot of 08/09. By and large, these ZT ‘s not keep the FS15 Stanndard, unless you would kpl. Build new model. So the mod as NOT washable because the effort to use far outweighs.

But maybe there are one or the other player who still has a little fun with this “pig iron” from state-owned production.

And one anticipated the tractor should be used with Drive Control by upsidedown.

Now to the Pack, included are:

1x ZT 303 – D red
1x ZT 303 – E blue
1x ZT 305 – E beige
1x ZT 305 – D olive yellow National People’s Army
1x Hydraulic plate suitable for the NVA ZT


All have received IC control, new tires and rims
Wheel weights, doors, roof and front windows to open via IC etc.

The red 303 D for example, has an expandable attachment bracket and an expandable dirt brush (swivel)
you can use it to remove traces on the streets and much more.
Since it is actually about the Grubberfunktion the game.
He has the winter protection on the hood which can be opened in other well, dual tires
and even the occasional small gimmick.

The blue 303 E has dual tires with wheel arch extensions,
Winter operation.

The beige 305 E has dual tires with fender flares, wide tires,
Winter operation.

The NVA 305 D has dual tires with wheel arch extensions,
Winter operation, a mounting plate for the sliding plate.
and einblendb. Weights for Agricultural. Operating
He has and still one or the other small gimmick like stickers, tool. , , ,

NVA sign as the name suggests matching the NVA currently with MouseControl controllable
and suitable for pushing various Früchtsorten.
(Manure silage chaff grass grass_windrow dryGrass_windrow wheat_windrow woodchips Sugarbeet potato)

The mod has not been tested on suitability or MP Dedi but should run.
Daich himself more than rare or MP Dedi game.

For everything else, look at you ingame or on the images

Thank want I still at the Devin me one or the other part after my
Has made ??wishes.
as all logos and the bonnet strips which are now no longer terrible Decals.
And in model eicher gave me in now and then one or the other tip.


Tag:. Butters Tunig forging / BTS
Urmodell ZT:.. Former LS meeting Team feat. Jesse James Balu69 NVP and bomblets
Urmodell sign:. Not find the builder nicnt would anyone recognize his work Please report.
Urmodell brush. FT Modding

Scrpte .: Manuel Leithner, Stefan Maurus, Sven777b,

Progress ZT 303 305 Pack v 1.1 Beta [SP]
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