Progress GT124 v 1.0 Frontladerfix [MP]

Progress GT124

Progress GT124

Progress GT124

I once today so browsed the net around and once searched for a GT 124 for LS 15.

No results found.

But I had a lot of demands found.

Actually wanted nothing but make it’s not like the net.

So not many words.

GT 124 also known as the Ostalgiefans equipment rack.

The tractor has an air cooled engine power of 25 hp from a 4 cylinder V engine.

This equipment carrier was represented in the former GDR agriculture everywhere and has done his service there in the form of standard imaging. It is for this tractor a large number of add Advised that are still to be found in some farms.

This hardy little guy is very close to my heart and so I try to improve it with my modest means and on.

I put the GT a lift truck and a change in load area with.

If one examines the motor. Which is under the seat.

So now I hope he here some enjoyment in mind.

He had been asked of me in the network already in LS 11 and 13 and has now got a facelift.

If some times does not fit again. A good advice. Seek out then what else.


GTSchmied ( Tatra 148 )

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