Polau Map v 2.0 final [MP]

Polau Map

Polau Map

Polau Map

Polau Map

Polau Map

Hello Virtual Farmer. I hereby would like to introduce to you the Polau Map. After a few try me with the subject portfolios to familiarize and some deletions and new experiments finally my first asked to download map. The origin of the map is a bit in the area from the tribe of Myself (space Niedersachsen).

Installed on the map are a cattle and pigs from Marhu (Thanks for your great mods)

Amongst other things:



Bakery /

Schlachter / Thanks to the Modder

Sugar factory /

Potato Sale / For these great objects


Machinery Dealers /


Among other things, are installed Chopped Straw, Watermod and Gmk. (Thanks to the scripter)


And a thank you to all the others that their

Recognize objects again.

Then a big thanks to the team for the G4f patience and help with any questions

and TLS Modding and Forbidden Mods

Since it fundamentally is the first on newly card are not as critical with me. And everyone has their own style and taste.


HS Maps by HolgerUelzen

Polau Map v 2.0 final [MP]
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