Greenhouse productions v 1.0 [MP]

Greenhouse productions v 1.0

Greenhouse productions v 1.0

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Greenhouse per placeable

placeable greenhouses and pallet production, sawmill.

the geenhouse comes in 7 different types.

the types are cauliflower, redCabbage, lettuce, pumpkins, tomato, stawberry, raspberry.

greenhouses need water, manure and pallets to produce.

pallet production.

to create pallets you need this building as well as board wood created from the saw mill

saw mill building needs from logs cut down trees as well as diesel to produce.

output from sawmill is board wood pallets to be used in the pallet production outputs allso woodchips pallet.

all pallets produced can be sold at the Spinnery.

therefore includes trailer to carry all pallets

cost of all this is

greenhouses cost 100,000

pallet production cost 75000

sawmill cost 175000

green trailer 75000

daily upkeep for all buildings is 100 per building.


Model: pingu
Texture: giants
Script: marhu/pingu
Idea / Concept: pingu
Testing: scooby pingu

Greenhouse productions v 1.0 [MP]
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  1. how do you add water to the greenhouses? I’ve tried parking all of my different water tanks near them, but there is no icon to unload.

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