Livestock Manager v 1.0

Livestock Manager v 1.0

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I have been working on this on and off for a few weeks I was going to keep it private as we are so close to FS17 but couple friends said I should release it.
I was inspired to script this while playing Coldborough Park Farm by BulletBill83/Paranoid-Android and in the ways the cows are setup on that map I also recommend trying that map to get best feel for the mod. This is a global script so should work on every map.
Please note at this time its not MP Ready (Coming Soon..)
compatible with Marhu’s WaterMod and is recommended to have installed but not essential.
I recommend using Buy Bales v1.1 by baron but again not essential.

Known Bugs:

– When animals die there is no update to visibility until purchase or game reload, I am trying to find a fix asap.


Ian898 / CBModding

Livestock Manager v 1.0
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