Contractor Mod v 1.0

Contractor Mod v 1.0

This mod Contractor Mod FS15 enable simulating a defined number of characters you control one by one during a solo game.

By default, 4 characters are available Alex, Bob, Chris et David.
At first loading of a map, they are located at the Career starting point.
When saving the game, characters location and vehicle are saved so they will be restored when loading the game.

Default key to switch between characters are:

– NEXT : Tab
– PREVIOUS: Shift + Tab
They can be changed but by default replace the standard switch between vehicle since it’s disable.

This mod is compatible with PassengerMod specialization and with CoursePlay and FollowMe mods.
So, for example, when using FollowMe, one character will be the Leader and another one the Follower.

Characters name and number of characters can be changed in ContractorMod.xml file for new games.
Once a game has been saved, they can be changed in ContractorMod.xml file present in related savegame folder.


Author: Yumi
Testers: jujuokl, wotdim

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    1. HOLA . NO ENTIENDO ESTO. ‘Se pueden cambiar pero por defecto, sustituir el interruptor estándar entre el vehículo ya que es desactivar?

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