On Waldkater Am Waldkater anno 1990 [SP]

On Waldkater

On Waldkater

On Waldkater

On Waldkater

On Waldkater

Today I want to share my private until now held Map On Waldkater with you.

Because there are so many new buildings on this map that have been created by me personally with Maya, Please I all The ones the fallen on the map building and you want to block this love on your own maps (maps) please to write me briefly and to ask.

I guess that’s not asking too much to send a short Pn.

So now, but back to the map itself.

On this card I have now built since December 2014 and it was built according to my ideas.

That is to say that they are not perceived one place after it is free erfunden.Die Map is not developed in their full size because I think they are big enough to edit them with 6 other players in multiplayer.

With me it runs completely error free!

I’ve tried everything I thought was useful to process in this map.

There are many outlets on this map, these are the part of all gro0en village is close angelegt.Auch of traffic and pedestrians are adjusted because it looked a bit grim else who had one Spielte.Die the brewery from ETS myself again in Maya somewhat rebuilt and provided with a new texture.

The pig and cattle fattening I have provided with new buildings they are created by myself what has remained are the scripts and triggers the silos are still the by Marhu, the mixing station from Him has a new design get from me.

Even the water Mod could not miss on this map.

Therefore, I would like to thank Marhu equal in this way.

What else is there on the Map ………

The Eifokhandel

The Billinger Landhandel


A sand pit

A sugar factory

A freight depot

A concrete plant

A slaughterhouse which was created by me personally

A main courtyard which was ertsellt by me personally

A horse was ertsellt by me personally

Even the Landmaschienen merchant has got a new design by me

A grain dealer is created by me personally

A sawmill

The Compost plant of Farmer Andy

And further some smaller farms are installed on the map to serve as a sales station.

The forest on this map is in small forests divided on which is but achievable and also workable with the conventional technique!

What is installed on additives?

Slurry manure-lime Mod

Weeds Mod


Sand Gravel Cement Concrete

Also the traffic is made more quickly were thus increased to a speed of 40 km.

A train was built on the border Map this embankment is designed so that the train does not hinder you while playing

Also in the air transport by an aircraft.

Fruits have remained only the Standart.

Some fields are already your property, others still need to buy werden.Die Fields you already have in possession for the game early sown even before.

What do you need to Mods?




water mod

bga extension

animation map trigger

For this purpose, following the Mod come this map but I needed not the links to find.






The Map On Waldkater is error-free on Patch 1.3 running!

It should also be satisfied with this map still this map is built according to my ideas and they must primarily pleased me personally.



On Waldkater Am Waldkater anno 1990 [SP]
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