Old Kroeger v 1.0 [MP]

Old Kroeger

Old Kroeger

Old Kroeger

… Well, what can I tell you about this TRAILER already new, actually NIX! ^^

My neighbor came time to the turn back to the EAST, with a then already old,

abgenudelten KRÖGER)

… Ool KOWALSKI was then PENSIONERS and itself could tackle anything.

Now he had to rot KRÖGER then completely and but offered it to me at later,

as I have only two small, and a mammoth TRAILERS.

(I’m hardly even around the corners rum, see PHOTO) ^^

… If I would make his FENCE new, I could have it, and so it should be!

(His old fence slats, I then had equal TRAILER installed) ^^

the CHAIN ??is not the nicest, but was always eingesalbt with OIL and beautifully

gezottelt the ACKER, so he’s like an old Mummy, – WEATHERPROOF !!

now I’m better at the CORNERS with only one TRAILER and it tears already so –

some off!


mainzibaer baloo

Old Kroeger v 1.0 [MP]
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