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his is for everyone a new folder from the folder Netherlands.

I started with a very empty folder, and so built.

The folder has a beautiful landscape with lots of details

I wish everyone a lot of fun.

ChangeLog v2.1:

added new sawmill. With new features
Prices of pigs and calves adapted to the Lidl and butcher
Added a right turn
the texture from the potatoes is fixed

What is present:

– Farm with feed storage, compound feed machine


– traffic

– pig and beef

– three different outlets

– village

– contractor

– Lime Factory where you can buy lime

– wood Factory

– forestry

– Gardencenter

– slurry Storage

– 30 Fields

– 2 Trains

– 2 warehouses for the crops


– Klee

– luzerne

– oat

– rye

– sunflower

required mods:



Zunhammer Wasser u. Milchtank v2.1.0

Joskin Betimax RDS 7500 v.3.6.5

Chopped Straw v15.0.03

MultiMowing v3.1

MultiFruit v3.0

MultiSprayer Herbicide Mod v2.1

Mapdoortrigger FS15

I want to say Thanks to all modders, i used objects from and i use buildings from.

I hope i didn’t forget anybody otherwise i still want to say Thanks because i’d appriate the work.


Map by: Mike Giants, Mythic Modding, bluebaby210, Dutch Agricultural Modelling, Fatian: Strassenset, Windmill by Manuel, LuxFarm Animation Map Trigger: Script: Xentro, GuelleMistKalkModPack_LS15 TMT (Marhu, -Kolbenfresser-, Hatzfan, Schweine Mast Marhu, Vertex_Dezign, Eifok-Team; NKB-Modding: Fermenter; Nick98.1: Schilderset; Straßentextur: LTW-Farming-Map by Team LTW

Nederland v 2.1 [SP]
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